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Texoma Parkway Store

Texoma Parkway

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5022 Texoma Parkway
Denison, TX 75020
(903) 337-1641

Denison Storefront


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700 W. Main St
Denison, TX 75020
(903) 463-2266

Sherman Store


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524 W Houston St
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 868-0042

FIPawnn sign

Forrest and Innette Marr were the founders of the F&I Pawn Shops in Denison and Sherman, continuing their family business which began in 1972. The family operated a finance company and pawnshop at 720 W. Main and moved the pawn shop in 1978 to 2500 S Woodlawn. The shop was moved in 1991 to 600 W. Main before moving to its current location of 700 W. Main in 2002.

When they retired, not only had the family established the two pawn shops, but they also operated 52 finance businesses, allowing the company to service thousands of customers. The legacy they began only continued to flourish and now the small family owned business has expanded to three F&I Pawn Shop locations and 69 Gold Star Finance offices throughout Texas.

The legacy of loaning money for collateral has been passed down from generation to generation. John Sofey, Innette Marr’s grandfather came to America from EL Mira, Syria around 1900. He pursued many interests to support his family. John became a lender instead of a borrower, lending money anything from a dime to five dollars. He always kept collateral for these loans, sometimes holding the borrowers shoes. During his life, John helped other Syrian-Lebanese immigrants by lending money to begin business. Innette’s grandfather was an example of millions of successful immigrants that came to America.

Cindy Kuneman, Forrest and Innette’s daughter operates the day to day business of F&I Pawn Denison on 700 W. Main Street.

In 1982, Mike Marr expanded the pawn shop operation by opening a new location on Texoma Parkway. In 1988, Dedrick’s Pawn Shop was purchased at 230 W. Houston in Sherman. Later the store expanded and moved to its current location at 524 W. Houston.

Our newest location was opened July 1, 2018 at 5022 Texoma Parkway.

Each pawn shop has a unique atmosphere with merchandise of a great variety. F&I Pawn, your family owned and friendly place to shop. Est. 1972.

Old Pawn Shop1

Old Pawn Shop2

Old Pawn Shop2

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