Uncle Bens PawnRNC - Pawnshop Style

Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop in Cleveland is getting a very special 70th anniversary gift: the Republican National Convention.

After returning from World War II, Bernard Benjamin Tansky started the shop in 1946.

The shop, which is located at East 26th Street and St. Clair Avenue, could see a minor jump in business. Ben's son Louis says the convention is a remarkable gift. He even hung a red, white and blue striped “Welcome RNC 2 CLE” sign in front of the store.

Tansky said he might take the short walk to the convention center area if he has time once the convention starts - unless they are swamped with business.

Louis said he pretty much grew up in the pawnshop. He and his siblings would sweep the floor and find plenty of things to get into and play with.

“We were probably more of a pain in the butt for my father, to keep an eye on us, than we were worth,” Tansky said.

Tansky said his father did want one of his kids to take over the business, and he ended up being the only one interested. He considered a career in politics or law but found the  allure of the pawnshop hard to resist.

“I found that the business was really something I came to love,” Tansky said. “I kind of came to realize that my true calling was continuing the family tradition.”

More than just being a family business and making money, Louis Tansky said that Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop has a higher calling – helping people down on their luck get quick money.

“My father wanted to try to help people out and he wanted to help them get back up on their feet,” Tansky said.


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