F&I Pawn Shop

Friendly Loans • Great Prices

F&I Pawn Shop is a locally owned and operated shop in Sherman and Denison Texas. The two shops operate on collateral loans up to 10,000 dollars. Loans are written for 30-days and then allowed 30 days of grace. We have money to lend and we take anything of value!

The store is licensed and regulated by The State of Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. All interest rates are closely regulated by the state and all of our pawn brokers have been licensed by the state.

We are a local Gold and Silver Exchange. We buy and sale gold, silver coins, gold or silver bullion, watches and Antique Jewelry!

The pawn shops have a large selection of goods to buy as well. Items for sale include game systems, jewelry, musical instruments, electronics, guns, tools and coins to name a few, you never know what you will find at F&I Pawn.

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